Before an action, there’s the calculation.

Before an action, there’s the calculation.

Objective. Analytics. Statistics. Aim.

Together we develop an objective analysis of postage costs, considering the production processes, in order to achieve the highest possible savings with the lowest possible production effort for you.

Auditing your dispatch routes through us as an independent partner offers you the possibility of reducing postage costs, while taking into account efficiency and cost evaluations in relation to post press processing.

Make use of our international network of postal operators and suitable manufacturers with the right experience and address service providers to efficiently address your target countries.

Ramona Keller


Ramona Keller
Major Key Account


  • Evaluation of shipment format, weight and shipping method
  • Analysis of an efficient shipping methods (postal operator, product, delivery time, quality)
  • Evaluation of possible changes in production costs (increased costs during production versus postal cost reduction)
  • Assessing address quality by appropriate partner companies and/or by appropriate test optimizations of your address inventories

The audits are based on an active exchange of information and experience with you as our customer, your preferred producers, and gladly enriched with experts from our company and network of postal companies, address service providers, and print processors.

The goal is to select the right delivery product for your individual delivery of your advertising material at the right time.

Do not hesitate and request a consultation. Without obligation. Free of charge.

7-Step Audit Model


Current Analysis

Generating a current state based on actual contracts, used network of printing houses, lettershops and agencies.

Which postal contracts are actually used and why (quality aspects, delivery time, positive/negative experience)?

What options, empirical values and certificates do the currently used companies in the customer network have?

What are the current restrictions based on company processes, time constraints, company philosophies?


Audit Process

Process of possibilities evaluation.

Checking the available products and services of classis and alternative (if desired) postal companies, taking into account the shipment details.

– Requesting classic postal companies
– Requesting alternative postal companies

In direct communication with current producers, any new production processes that may be necessary are discussed. Furthermore, integration of other specialized producers for the respective products.

– Requesting actual used production companies
– Requesting further suitable companies for production

Analysis of logistics to manage and consolidate logistic costs, evaluate in combination with production, postage, consolidation, etc.

Simulation of possible scenarios based on different kind of possible processes of sorting, production and logistics by testsortings to evaluate based on weight, format and other details the coverage of alternative postal companies, to set up a standard of productions details and to sum up the transport costs for pick up and/or delivery.


Audit Generation

Evaluation of all factors considering the postage compared to production costs and logistics based on sorting-simulations.